Choosing an EDI solution?

There are many factors to consider when selecting an EDI solutions partner or EDI provider. 

With over 25 years of EDI experience, JRX Services is recognized as an expert in the EDI Consulting business.  We are experts at the implementation and support of EDI processing for small to medium sized businesses, utilizing the extraordinary EDI communication and translation software provided by Liaison Technologies.

As EDI consulting specialists, we will set you up with an EDI solution that meets your needs and budget.  From a low-cost solution that meets the basic requirements of your trading partners and keeps you “in the game”,  to a completely “hands-off” system that will automatically send and receive EDI documents and integrate them into and out of your accounting software, we can eliminate the time, effort, cost, and prospective inaccuracy of manual data entry.
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If you are thinking about becoming EDI compliant, JRX Serviceswill take you through the process step by step, painlessly and economically, whether or not your staff has any EDI experience at all.

If you are already using EDI, JRX Services will bring your EDI operations into the 21st century, and reduce your EDI costs while we’re doing it.

Please let us hear from you. We'll be happy to discuss your EDI situation at no cost or obligation to you.
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We Can Help You Implement a Feasible EDI Solution to Fit Your Business

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